About Us

Locally owned and operated Manchester Music Hall is Lexington’s space for music lovers, community, and everything in between. We host everything from weddings to corporate functions, and concerts to festivals. We strive to be a place for the community, the artists, and the people.

Our History

Formerly known as the Old Tarr Distillery warehouse #2 built in circa 1800s and part of the Ashland / Old Tarr Distillery campus. Registered as the first distillery in KY as RD #1, this building housed bourbon for many years. It was closed in the early 1900s and eventually purchased by Star Tool company.

After Star Tool closed its doors at this location, it was converted into what was known as Busters Billiards and Backroom. They operated the space as a concert venue until we picked up the property in late 2015. After a few months of construction, a new parking lot, and renovated interior it is now known as Manchester Music Hall.

With a clean simple design and neutral tones we can convert from a rock show to a wedding seamlessly all in a weekend. We are proud to say we are the first business on Manchester Street in the up and coming area now known as the Distillery District.

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