The skinny on all you need to know before coming to Manchester Music Hall


Shows & Concerts



How can I purchase tickets?

        Tickets are available through our website here, or through TicketFly 


Do I need a Photo ID?

        YES! You will not be able to gain entry without photo ID. Military ID and Passports are the only exception to this rule.  Anyone drinking alcohol must be 21+ with valid ID. There is no exception to this per City and State ABC laws.


Do I have to bring the physical ticket?

       The physical print out is preferred, otherwise you can show us on your smartphone. We will recycle all printed tickets.


Forgot to print your ticket?

      We can scan it from your smart phone at the door.


Sold Out Show?

      If a show is sold out we do not hold back tickets to sell at the door. Unfortunately Sold out = Sold Out


Can tickets be purchased in person and/or at the door?

       Tickets can be purchased at the door, if there are any still available. Please look at each event as sometimes the prices change for at-the-door sales. We do not have an in-person purchase/box office option other than buying at the door, the night of the show.

For questions about tickets or a purchase, please call 859-537-7321 or email us.


Is there a will call option?

       it depends on the show. Please reference the TicketFly page for the event to see what pick up options are available.


What are the ticket options available?

      This depends on the show. Typically our shows are GA - Standing Room only, but occasionally will offer a VIP Option. Please reference the TicketFly link for what each ticket includes.

*Some shows will allow us to sell a VIP which will differentiate show to show. (some allows us to offer a meet and greet, others we will offer chairs and tables)

*Please note some options and offerings vary, and are determined by the artist, the agency and/or the promoter.


Standard Photo Policy?

        The photo policy is based on each artists rider and photo/video/audio specifications. Please inquire for specific inquiries - however a general rule of thumb is if it fits in your pocket, you can bring it in. 'point-and-shoot' cameras are accepted.


Is there any seating in your venue?

      Mainly our shows are GA - Standing room only. We will make note otherwise per event. (we currently have no in house seating)


What are the Cab, ride share, and transportation services?

       If you are in need of a ride, let us know we will make it our priority to make sure you get one! We have cabs in the area regularly, as well as ride-sharing and other transportation services. We will make sure you get a safe, sober ride!


On Site Parking.

        MMH does not own all lots surrounding us, parking may vary show to show. Please ride share or cab as much as possible.

        Note: Parking is very limited in all situations


Can my car be left overnight?

              Yes - if your car is in OUR lot you can leave them overnight. Please make sure to pick up no later than 10am the next day to avoid getting towed in the event the lot is being used for another event. **PLEASE NOTE: We are not responsible for lost or stolen items from the parking lot. Please do not leave valuables in your car, and please lock your doors. **

The Parking Lots are Full - can I park at Rupp Arena or the grass lots across the street?

               No, These lots are owned by other companies and are not our property. You risk fines, tickets and/or being towed if you park in those lots.


Does Manchester have a coat check?

      We do not. Please know we are not responsible for any personal items brought on site. Certain event/shows may offer coat check options, see the show page for details.


Lost & Found.

       Any items left after an event will be kept in the managers office. Please email booking@manchestermusichall.com for missing items. Please note -  we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Any items found will be kept for 7 days and then will be given to Goodwill or thrown away.


I left my tab open.

      Please note, all tabs left over night will incur a 20% gratuity and will be closed at the end of the night. All cards are handed back at the time you begin your tab, we DO NOT keep cards to start tabs. If you have lost a card please email: booking@manchestermusichall.com

Are there food options available?

       MMH does not serve food here, but depending on the event there may be food trucks and/or other catering. Reference the event details page for info on who and what will be at each show.


Is this a smoking facility?

       No, smoking of any kind (including e-cigarettes or vapor) are not permitted inside the facility. There will be a smoking area roped off outside for each event.


Do you allow re-entry?

       No. If you are smoking please use the smoking section outside. Otherwise, once you leave the facility you are not permitted to re-enter unless you buy a ticket. This is to keep everyone safe and to help control traffic.


Can tickets be refunded or cancelled?

      No. All sales are final. In the event that a show is cancelled, all tickets will be refunded. In the event of a postponed show, all tickets will transfer to the new date.


I am unable to attend a show, can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

      This depends on the show, please call Ticketfly Support and they can take care of this, if applicable. 877-4FLY-TIX or visit support.ticketfly.com


Is your facility Wheelchair accessible?

      Yes! All doors have ramps leading up to the entrance and we have handicap parking reserved spots on site. Call us in advance if you have any other questions.


Can I bring my own alcohol? Can alcohol be removed from the venue?

      No. All drinks must be purchased and consumed inside the facility. Drinks cannot be brought in or leave the property.


What can be purchased inside Manchester Music Hall?

       We offer, depending on the show, a full bar (beer, wine, and liquor) as well as Pepsi products and water.


I am coming from out of town, is there a hotel near by?

        Yes, the Hilton Downtown and the Hyatt at Rupp are your closest options.


Is Manchester Music Hall available for Private Events, wedding, corporate functions and more?

       Yes! Email booking @manchestermusichall.com for details.


Can my band play at MMH?

      Please email all information, including links to music and social media accounts to booking@manchestermusichall.com - we are always looking for great local bands!


Is there an email list I can subscribe to?

         Yes click HERE - We will send emails with updates on upcoming shows and events.


What do you do with my email address when purchasing tickets?

       We use your email address to send you electronic tickets to the events you have selected. We do not share your personal information with anyone.


Manchester Music Hall is a drug, weapon, and violence free facility. Thank you in advance for your support in this. - Please Drink Responsible and always use a sober driver!!